Dear friends

all of you led by journey through the entangled Internet network to our pages I would like to welcome into the magic world of licitars and other Croatian artifacts. I am sure everyone will find something interesting here, each one of you being in love with these sparkling cakes a long way back, as also these among you who are coming across licitars for the first time. Feel free to examine the offered contents, learn how to make licitars, find out the news about them, and get to know our work and endeavors, or choose a gift for yourself or your dearest. I wish you in the most honest manner the pleasant stay on our pages, … and come back again.



Licitar on the Farm!

Licitar on the Farm! In the past few days Nina Jecić and our trustworthy employeestook part in a popular TV reality-show called Farm. There they have taught the farmers about the production of licitars. Look their performance up on:


Our performance on the Advent fair in Zagreb

Our performance on the Advent fair in Zagreb. After 50 days, our performance on the Advent fair in Zagreb has finished. Like every year we were located in the Gajeva street opposing hotel Dubrovnik. Judging by the reactions of visitors, the performance was a success, and it looks like our licitar magnets have caught most of the attention, they are a novelty in our products and they are a unique product on the Croatian market.


Visit our newly redecorated shop!

Visit our newly redecorated shop! Four years after moving in a space in the Gvozdanska street 13d in Zagreb and starting the production of licitars, we have finally fulfilled our longtime expectations. We have succeeded in turning the workspace into a space not only suited for licitars production but also for organizing classes in which people should learn how to produce a licitar and that is the basic of our licitars popularization project. We now have here a small exhibition dedicated to the production of licitars. Now it is your turn to come into our magical world of licitars production, and find out how they are made. Make your own licitar or choose a unique gift.


Licitars on the UNESCO list

Licitars on the UNESCO list. The Croatian minister of culture Božo Biškupić has announced the insertion of licitars on the UNESCO list of culture goods for the next year. In this year the list have reached seven phenomenon’s from Croatia, among them, the artistry of creating traditional wooden toys from the area of Hrvatsko zagorje. "We aren't even aware that this is something specific for Croatia and that it doesn't exist anywhere else", says minister Biškupić.


Japan journalists paid us a visit

Japan journalists paid us a visit. This year a group of journalists from the Far East paid us a visit for the third time. With great interest they have observed our products; they have been especially thrilled with the production of licitars. The journalists have been referred to us by the Touristic agency of the city of Zagreb and we are thankful to them. The former group was consisted of tennis players which took part in the Zagreb Indoors 2009. You can read more about the impression of the journalists on their site:


One more acknowledgement for Nina Jecić

One more acknowledgement for Nina Jecić. Nina Jecić has on the last weeks meeting become the first president of the newly created Committee of souvenir producers uniting craftsmen from the city of Zagreb. "We are certain that the establishing of this Committee is a great step in improvement in the souvenirs offer in Zagreb", highlighted the new president, for whom this is going to be, after a two year mandate as the president of Croatian souvenir organization, another engagement for better organization of souvenir presentation of Croatia.

Selection of topics:

Licitar skills workshop - Dash of joy and brightness is our non-profit initiative for popularization of licitars. More...

Licitar, a design studio for making decorations and souvenirs Nina Jecić, a craft established by Nina Jecić in 2001. More...

Workshop and exhibition area at the Zagreb Workshop and exhibition areaTrešnjevka organized so we would have an opportunity to show licitar making. More...

Croat's warm heart - Croat’s warm heart is the protected brand of our products. More...

Prize competition.
Prize competitionIf you are a do-it-yourself type and made your own licitars, take pride in them, send us photos and exchange your experiences. We will award prizes for the best creations! More...

Licitar is a colorfully decorated licitarsko srce cake made of honey dough, of bright red color, produced in various shapes and sizes. More...

Licitar making. At first, with the addition of licitar yeast, knead dough of flour and water with melted sugar. Then roll dough out flat, and cut shapes with moulds. More...

Licitar moulds are the most sacred things of all gingerbread craftsmen. More...