Licitar, a design studio for making decorations and souvenirs

Licitar logoLicitar, the design studio for making decorations and souvenirs, was established in 2001 by Ms. Nina Jecić, whose main idea was to contribute to preservation and worthy presentation of artifacts of the Croatian traditional culture and of licitars, in particular. In an effort that our artifacts become a true gift adjusted to the modern age, under the aegis of the brand Croat’s warm heart, a supreme Croatian souvenir was created.

By opening the online gift gallery under the same name in 2004, as the first Internet shop of that type on the Croatian web, licitars found their way worldwide, spreading knowledge of licitars as a symbol of Croatian identity. As of 2006 we produce licitars and other souvenirs in our workshop in Gvozdanska street 13d in Zagreb, which was arranged in 2009 to accept groups of visitors, as also as an exhibition area. The company Licitar is the main co-organizer and financer of the project “Dash of joy and brightness”. Many awards are the recognition for our attempts. We currently employ three employees.


Nina Jecić

Nina JecićNina JecićNina Jecić, the craft’s owner, was born in 1966 in Zagreb, where she graduated at the Classical Gymnasium, and earned her B.Sc. in Archeology degree at the Faculty of Philosophy. Since her student days she was actively interested in ethnology and the Croatian traditional heritage, so in 2001 after the long-term position at the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Croatia, she established the craft Licitar. Cooperating with the gingerbread maker’s family Škledar from Bedenica she learned the secrets of licitar skills. Wishing to carry over her love to the Croatian heritage also on others, she initiated the project for its preservation named “Dash of joy and brightness”, as a part of which Ms. Jecić organizes workshops on licitar making and appears in media. Besides, she is also active in promotion of Croatian souvenirs, being the president of the Association of Croatian Souvenirs during the two year mandate (2004-2006).

Our media

Licitar skills workshop - Dash of joy and brightness is our non-profit initiative for popularization of licitars. More...

Prizes and awards:

2nd prize to licitar moulds at the competition for the authentic souvenir of the Zagreb County (2002).

1st prize for the best graphic interpretation of the product in the category Packaging awarded to the licitar collection at the 8th Conference of printing, design and graphic communication (2004).

3rd prize in the category of other graphic products for T-shirts “Licitar” at the 10th Conference of printing, design and graphic communication (2006).

1st prize for the most successful appearance in the competition of individual exhibitors at the 8th Wedding Fair in Boćarski Dom Zagreb (2006).

Workshop and exhibition area in Gvozdanska street. We arranged our premises at Zagreb Trešnjevka so we can present to small groups the manner of licitars making. Also, we own the small ethno collection devoted to gingerbread craft, and we accommodate a small exhibition area or our products. More...