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In our attempt to save Croatian licitars from oblivion, the major part of our production assortment has been devoted right to them. We produce licitars by ourselves in our licitar workshop at Zagreb Trešnjevka, respecting in entirety the tradition of gingerbread craft, i.e. the traditional recipe, composition and hand making. We have been worldwide known for this art of making, and belong to the top of the Craotian gingerbread art. Besides licitars, our assortment also includes souvenirs related to licitars, such as: T-shirts, mugs, postcards and similar. In harmony with our views of life, we offer majority of our products in ecologically acceptable packaging made of recycled materials, which is how they become suitable even for the most demanding conditions of transportation. On every product you may find s brief educational text of licitars, product description in form of declaration, and a bar code.


Croat's warm heart

Croat's warm heart logoCroat's warm heart logoCroat's warm heart logoCroat's warm heart - /the warm hart of the Croatian common people/ is the protected brand under which we gathered the assortment of our products, adjusted with its characteristics and packaging to the contemporary trade. Our brand guarantees the hand making of our licitars according to traditional technologies, authenticity of all our products, their supreme quality and Croatian heritage. This is how we attempt to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding buyers in Croatia and worldwide.


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